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59 k00Wiktionary:Main Page
17313249.6 k9.3 k277 kWiktionary:Grease pit/2023/March
277122311 k11 k190 kWiktionary:Beer parlour/2023/March
1219239.1 k8.9 k76 kWiktionary:Tea room/2023/March
22111196.5 k6.5 k425 kWiktionary:Requests for deletion/English
1.2 k00Wiktionary:International Phonetic Alphabet
2046195.1 k5 k189 kWiktionary:Requests for verification/English
5124 k3.9 k82 kWiktionary talk:About Czech
361.4 k1.4 k35 kWiktionary talk:Tea room
40011656511 kWiktionary:Frequency lists
41221.3 k1.3 k359 kWiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others
1923-1.5 k1.9 k37 kWiktionary:Requested entries (English)
462564264245 kWiktionary:Etymology scriptorium/2023/March
221.7 k1.7 k76 kWiktionary talk:About Persian
133 k3.1 k2.9 kWiktionary:Votes/pl-2023-03/Allow "Clitic" as a POS header
2122341341374 kWiktionary:Beer parlour/2023/February
5044201.2 k34 kWiktionary:Feedback
18241651653.9 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Armenian)
19-6671.3 k28 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Albanian)
10221341346.7 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Finnish)
111.5 k1.4 k24 kWiktionary talk:About Ottoman Turkish
152334734782 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Chinese)
511-1.8 k1.8 k47 kWiktionary:Todo/phrases not linked to from components/2022-09/page 4
4122.1 k2.1 k2.1 kWiktionary:Frequency lists/Pitjantjatjara
191734134132 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Old Norse)
1311-1.9 k1.8 k126 kWiktionary:Requests for verification/Italic
21221027828Wiktionary:Vandalism in progress
1111211226 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Portuguese)
11131231213 kWiktionary:Requests for checkuser
12121461469.4 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Proto-Germanic)
712-1881886 kWiktionary:Normalization of entries
3212369371630 kWiktionary:Requests for verification/Non-English
16221024811 kWiktionary:Information desk/2023/March
812429429160 kWiktionary:Todo/Westrobothnian cleanup/1
221114514511 kWiktionary:Votes/2023-02/Removing the horizontal rule
311168681.1 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Polish)
411686820 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Proto-Indo-European)
3111721721.2 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Maltese)
31166688Wiktionary:Word of the day/2023/April 10
611-14143.8 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Scientific names)/A
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