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61282.9 k2.8 k47 kWiktionary:Etymology scriptorium/2022/May
2736133639235 kWiktionary:Requested entries (English)
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1193931005Wiktionary talk:Why create an account?
21112.2 k2.1 k53 kWiktionary:Beer parlour/2022/May
511303303100 kWiktionary:Tea room/2022/April
611636329 kWiktionary:Quotations/Templates/English C–F
11121121629Wiktionary talk:Frequency lists/Vietnamese syllables
611696951 kWiktionary:Requested entries (German)
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4111521528.1 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Italian)
12110021 kWiktionary:Frequency lists/Vietnamese syllables
511191912 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Vietnamese)
711171769 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Chinese)
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