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109725-1017.6 k563 kWiktionary:Requests for deletion/Non-English
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1486146.1 k5.9 k76 kWiktionary:Beer parlour/2021/January
82000Wiktionary:Requested entries (Hindi)/Multilingual list of Indian family r…
767133.8 k4 k749 kWiktionary:Requests for verification/Non-English
605723.2 k7.2 k36 kWiktionary:Grease pit/2021/January
32573.2 k3.1 k48 kWiktionary:Etymology scriptorium/2021/January
37351.6 k1.6 k441 kWiktionary:Requests for moves, mergers and splits
221.2 k1.2 k35 kWiktionary talk:Per-language pages proposal
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5124103664.8 kWiktionary:About Mon
61110132044410 kWiktionary:Language flags list
412-2 k2 k167 kWiktionary:Todo/multiword French lemmas
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3713842842335 kWiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others
791130830828 kWiktionary:Translation requests
2611695695419 kWiktionary:Requests for cleanup
1113013049 kWiktionary:Requested entries:Japanese/Non-romaji
712130130190 kWiktionary:Requested entries (English)
212-11011022 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Kazakh)
2311221.4 kWiktionary:Word of the day/2021/January 19
31115355356.4 kWiktionary:Votes/sy-2020-12/User:Bhagadatta for admin
182210323.8 kWiktionary:Requested entries (Russian)
5128102.3 kWiktionary:Sysop's guide to manual transwikification from Wikipedia
91122135 kWiktionary:Foreign Word of the Day/Nominations
511-11152 kWiktionary:Tea room/2018/November
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